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Head Guard and ear protection

Head Guard and ear protection

A good Head Guard is a must if you want to run full contact sparring often. It protects well against shock and reduces the amount of cuts.
Ørebeskytter use if you train ground fighting and would like to avoid cauliflower ear - it dosent look good, and it also hurts.

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Bad Boy Face Saver Headguard

This Bad Boy head protection for martial arts provides optimal protection, but also light weight ..

DKK499,00 Exkl moms: DKK399,20

Bad Breed Legion Head Guard Out Of Stock

Bad Breed Legion Head Guard

Good head protection Boxing / Sparring. Adjustable Velcro top and side - ensuring good fit. H..

DKK449,00 Exkl moms: DKK359,20

BenLee Open Face Headguard Out Of Stock

BenLee Open Face Headguard

Head protection from BenLee for all types of martial arts. Made of leather. This type of head..

DKK299,00 Exkl moms: DKK239,20

BlackLine headguard

Blackline head guard has excellent protection for the entire face. Easy on and off. Made of s..

DKK639,00 Exkl moms: DKK511,20

Club Line Head Guard

Club Line Head Guard with protective visor. Suitable for full contact any spelling game. Made..

DKK499,00 Exkl moms: DKK399,20

Ear Protection Venum Out Of Stock

Ear Protection Venum

Your ear is valuable and therefore you must take good care of them. When practicing martial arts,..

DKK299,00 Exkl moms: DKK239,20

Everlast Evercool Headguard

A good Head Guard is very important when growing martial arts which included sparring. It's inc..

DKK399,00 Exkl moms: DKK319,20

Everlast Headguard Out Of Stock

Everlast Headguard

Head Guard in quality synt. leather from Everlast. Specifically designed for MMA training. Ad..

DKK349,00 Exkl moms: DKK279,20

Fumetsu Ear Guards

Fumetsu ear protection perfect for wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Grappling or MMA. One size, ..

DKK249,00 Exkl moms: DKK199,20

Headguard Muhammad Ali Out Of Stock

Headguard Muhammad Ali

Head Guard for hard sparring. Muhammad Ali's martial arts series. One Size. ..

DKK299,00 Exkl moms: DKK239,20

Tapout Ear Protection

Protection for ears from Tapout. Getting a "cauliflower ear" can not only be painful, but it al..

DKK299,00 Exkl moms: DKK239,20