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    Jacob Sumana - An Athlete

    Posted by in Strength Training on November 17, 2015 . 0 Comments.

    Jacob Sumana is one of the top personal trainer, fitness athlete and sports model with six years of experience as a coach. Sumana reaping praise and recognition for its own competition performances and his coaching and fitness business Sumana Fit, whose reputation extends far out on the international stage. Jacob Sumana was born and raised in Denmark, but has for years lived in the United States to practice sport. At the age of only 25 years, Jacob Sumana a highly impressive educational background behind him, as well as impressive titles and prices in various competitions.

    Who would notlike to havesuchAbs?

    Jacob Sumana has discipline, willpower and dedication to build up his body and generate results for others. Jacob Sumana knows what he's doing. Since 2010, Jacob Sumana trained in the industry and gone his own way, to achieve exactly the skills and knowledge, which he uses to produce results. Recently completed Jacob Sumana a bachelor's degree in Physical Therapy, which enables him to create customized diet plans, personal training plans and visible results. In addition, Jacob Sumana trained as Fitness Nutrition Specialist (FNS) and is also Certified Personal Trainer (CPT).

    Education and titles
    With only 25 years it's really impressive what Jacob Sumana has already achieved success. Last year run Jacob Sumana not surprising victory for the 2014 Loaded Cup and was rambling '1st and overall'. Sumana already started to participate in competitions in 2012 and has since been a familiar face at the different scenes. When Jacob Sumana finally made its debut at the Danish bodybuilder scene, it could definitely be felt. With its incredible discipline, determination and dedication achieved Jacob Sumana at the age of only 23 years to win the IFBB Danish Bodybuilding Debut Championship 2013. But even before his debut as a bodybuilder had Jacob Sumana attracted attention from far and near.

    Jacob Sumana in the middle.

    As a young man received the Jacob Sumana a scholarship to play D2 American football in the United States, where he settled for some years. Besides football has Sumana been a dedicated practitioner of football, basketball and boxing. All his life, Jacob Sumana been determined and dedicated to making a career in the sports and fitness industry. Therefore, Sumana always focused on at the same time to educate themselves. For Jacob Sumana education is just as important as training. Both must always go hand in hand. With his bachelor's degree, its certifications and specializations, Jacob Sumana same period helped many others to achieve results, muscles and quality of life.

    Motivation and knowledge to help others
    Jacob Sumana is the owner and developer of the concept Sumana Fit, which enjoy international recognition in many circles. Throughout his business Sumana Fit provider Jacob Sumana professional and unique online coaching to its customers worldwide. So far, Sumana Fit far over 500 satisfied customers in his book. Jacob Sumana uses its unique knowledge, motivation and willingness to coach people worldwide who will change his physical and mental strength.
    Throughout all of this, participate Sumana still in international and national competitions. Education, training and performance is what Jacob Sumana stands for.

    Jacob Sumana Wikipedia

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