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    Welcome toMMASHOP'SBlog.
    Here,wecountonMixed Martial Arts, StrengthTraining,TraditionalMartial Artsanddiet/supplements.

    By MikkelPreisler

    Stud.Bachelorin Nutrition and Health

    Personal trainer(2004)

    WingTsunandcardio-strength trainingexercises(2002;1997)

    Thedaily requirement ofcaloriesvaries from person toperson.There are threefactorsthat determinethe daily requirement.The first elementthat determinesthe need isBMR.BMRmeans "Basal Metabolic Rate".BMRdeterminesthe...

    Beetroothasgradually become asynonymoftheraw materials usedin a veryhealthy diet.This dietconsists ofveryhealthy ingredientsandmostvegetables arethe way forward.So ifyou want to eathealthyyou must eatbeetroot.
    In Denmark we arequiteprivilegedin thatwe can findourDanishbeetrootin virtually allshopsall year round.Andbeetrootis a...

    Posted by in Strength Training on Oct 29, 2014 .

    Allwhoare training togetbigger musclesand increase theirtestosteronefigurestry to be as
    ingenuityas possiblesobecause they believethatin this waycreates morechallenging exercises
    and thuscan achievebigger musclesfaster.Butwhen it comes tolegtrainingto do
    the contrary.When doingleg workoutsyou should beconservative.If you want togetbigger muscles

    Posted by in Traditional Martial Arts on Oct 26, 2014 .

    What Is Ninjitsu?
    Ninjitsuis anoldest-oldmartial artwhichis knownthe worldover as themartial artsandfighting techniquesused bytheJapanese"shadowwarriors".Ninjitsuis a veryunique methodinmotion andthinkingwhich wasinits timebeen used todevelop asystemandconceptthat weknow today asthe art of winning.Ninjitsuis very unique anddiffersquite oftenfromother...

    Arefree weightsbetterthanmachines?
    When youstrength train, it isworth consideringwhat kind ofstrength trainingyou choose.Mostgyms, choosing towork outon machinesinstead offree weights.Free weightsversusmachineshavethe advantage offree weightsalsocoachthe joints, whichis healthy.The jointsarenottrainedandstrongerwhen sittinginthe samepositionon the...

    Posted by in Strength Training on Oct 20, 2014 .

    The explosivestrength,explosiveexercises
    The explosivestrength trainingis often underestimated.Many peopledesireto harnessthe explosivestrength training.Thestrength trainingis allinprincipleto forcehisnervous systemto work overtime.Thisthekind ofexplosive strengthis mainly usedto transferthe functionalmovementsin yoursport.Thisneed notonlyto do with the

    Posted by in Strength Training on Oct 17, 2014 .

    Strength trainingis becoming morepopular amongmenandwomen.Inrecent years,especiallythe latter groupcomein fashionand the pursuit ofthe perfect, marked thebodysendsmanywomeninthe hall of mirrorswith a dumbbellin each handanda determinedlook in his eye.

    Strengthtrainingisoften ignoredbecauseit is all aboutcaloriesandweight loss-butjustweight loss isan...

    Just as it isimportant to eatproperlybefore training,it is important togetthe right nutrientsfromhealthy sourcesafter training.After exercising,your bodyrecover.The body'sfood intakeafter exerciseacts asessentialbuilding blocksanditistherefore important thatyou give your bodygood materialsto work with.

    Agood rule of thumbis thata healthy bodyis createdboth...

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